Pulldown Helical Piles with PVC casing

South Jersey Helical Piles installing Pulldown Helical Piles with PVC casing. Using 2 mini excavators with 8,000 ft/lb torque driveheads.


Sandy Solution Series

South Jersey Helical Piers installing Helical Pulldown Micropiles to support the famous Asbury Park Boardwalk. 264 helical piers have been installed. Watch the video for a quick overview of this project.


Raising a House on Jersey Shore

n this video you can see us install helical piles to support a newly raised house. This project is one among many completed by us on Jersey Shore. The video contains testimonials by satisfied customers as well as many interesting facts about helical pier technology.


Hurricane Sandy House Elevation

Another successfuly raised house on the Jersey Shore, this time in Ocean Beach. Helical pier technology can be used to support various residential structures. Houses on the shore are raised in response to new regulations that are enforced after Hurricane Sandy.